Announced today, the Air Force Reserve have sponsored Cloud9's League of Legends team. Colonel Christopher Nick, Commander, Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service Service spoke on the sponsorship. "The Air Force Reserve is very excited to start this adventure with Cloud9." Nick continued, "As the cyberspace mission continues to grow in the Air Force Reserve, we continuously search for new Citizen Airmen with various skillsets such as those possessed by online gamers."


アメリカの空軍予備役部(US Air Force Reserve)がCloud9のLoLチームとスポンサーシップ契約を結んだことを発表しました。
Air Force Reserveの担当者によると今回のスポンサー契約はネットを使った人材募集戦略の一貫で今後はオンラインゲームにおける優秀な人材を新たな"Airmen"候補として発掘していきたいとのことです。