Meet Tokyo: Japan’s capital and the most populated metropolitan area in the world. Home of Akihabara -- a sprawling mecca of manga, anime, electronics, and video games -- the gravity-defying skyscrapers of Shinjuku, and Tokyo Game Show. A city dotted with shrines, scenic views, and -- oh yeah -- the most 3-star Michelin restaurants in the world. It’s no surprise we ended up here.

It’s the electric heart of Japan and now home to a growing crew of Rioters. As we build teams across Esports, Player Support, Marketing, Localization, Community, and more, we’re pushing the throttle into overdrive to create local in- and around-game experiences that delight players throughout Japan.

We’re still assembling a crack team of Rioters in Tokyo, but we’re getting close to hitting that big green “GO” button. So hang around; we’re just getting started.

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