League of Legendsを中心(99.9%)としたMOBA系ゲームの情報サイト、海外のフォーラムで話題の事柄やLoLの動画・パッチ情報などを主に紹介しています。



Today in the department of Jesus Christ That's A Lot Of People, Riot Games brings us news that League of Legends now has 27 million daily players.

27 million.

Twenty-seven million.

Every single day.

If League of Legends were a country, it would be the 45th-biggest in the world (out of 244). League of Legends is the 1% of video games.

On top of that, they say they've got some 67 million players every month, and during peak hours, Riot says, League hits over 7.5 million concurrent users.

Holy shit.

I for one am not ready for a future in which all video games are League of Legends.

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この記事によるとLeague of Legendsのデイリーアクティブユーザ数は2700万人で、これは国の人口で考えると244国中45番目に入る規模(約2900万人のベネズエラと2650万人のネパールの間)となるそうです。