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Do you think the game would be better if double golems spawned at 1:45 or 1:50 to remedy purple side bot lane disadvantage/ Super crazy level 2 cheeses from powerful purple side earlygame top laners?
Or, alternatively, why don't we lower the power differential between levels 1 and 2? it seems like so much of gameplay revolves around hitting level 2 first and snowballing the advantage, which might be more of a problem than the double golems advantage
I do. We're experimenting on what that would mean if we did that.


Any thoughts on removing the cast time or allowing cast while moving for sivir's ult? It strikes me as really off that a chasing/movement ability makes her stop to cast it and it can really screw her over. A related case is volibear's R which feels awkward as hell to use a lot of the time because of the case animation. I know voli's in a really good to overpowered spot right now and doesn't really need buffs but not casting his ult so the other person doesn't escape feels counter-intuitive.
Had that conversation today, in fact. We're considering it.


SEGAが運営中のMOBAタイトル「カオスヒーローズオンライン」で、オフラインイベント「遠藤Pの生ぐだ出張版 ネットカフェ交流会」が4月29日に開催されると発表した。

【カオス ヒーローズ オンラインのオフラインイベント「遠藤Pの生ぐだ出張版 ネットカフェ交流会」開催決定】の続きを読む